Mid December Charity Update


We more than reached our goals, thanks for participating.


Mid December charity update.

We are more than halfway to the goal with 38781 donated. An additional 5320 for MIRI has been matched by Double your Donation

Against Malaria 5401
Evidence Action 650
MIRI 32,330
Massachusetts Bail Fund 400

I wanted to clarify that Dan and I might take mild creative liberties but everything would be in good faith. We want to ensure that each charity receives at least $4000. Another example of a possible adjustment would be if someone where to donate the full $32219 to the Massachusetts Bail Fund. That would be great, but I would want to match to a different Bail fund. I think two funds having $32k would do more good than one having $64k.

Some of the donation receipts (I think just the ones from paypal?) have personal information. I wanted to clarify that of course editing out anything along those lines from the email is totally fine.

Dan and I decided we are going to stop matching MIRI donations at this point. We think they are doing great work (and when smart people like Elon Musk suggest something, I’m pretty inclined to blindly follow them). But from a feel good standpoint, we were hoping to spread out the donations a bit more.

Lastly I wanted to thank everyone for the donations. A donation of any size makes a real difference and is greatly appreciated.

Mid December Charity Update

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