50k Trip Report

Edit: was told pokernews link wasn’t working, maybe this will be easier.


Yesterday I finished 3rd place in the $50k Poker Player’s Championship. On some level, I just don’t buy into the importance of bracelets. What makes these tournaments more special than others? I don’t need anyone’s acceptance, I’m very comfortable with how my career has gone. But I have two exceptions. The first, is the main event, for obvious reasons. And the second is the $50k Poker Player’s Championship.

There is only one high stakes mixed event, which inherently makes it special. And given how much the mixed players really seemed to want it, it’s really easy to get caught up in “OH MAN THIS GUY WANTS IT NOW I WANT IT GIMME!!!!”

Despite my severe lack of experience, I hopped in this week, and was lucky enough to get third place. I got an inside look into the mixed game world. NL at the highest level is a bunch of guys who have really done their homework (See: Ike Haxton). Most players are playing a very theoretically strong style. An example of what I mean: you expect players to have good preflop standards across all positions throughout various stacksizes and it’s noteworthy or surprising when someone fucks up.

Compare this to the mixed world… The mixed world seems to be a lot of smart competitive guys… who are card players (Bryn Kenney types come to mind). Not to imply they don’t work hard or study… but the game is just not at the same level of sophistication as NLH. I was fortunate enough to get to pick the brains of multiple people who play the 2000/4000 mixed in Bobby’s room. Hilariously often two good players say totally opposite things about a technical question (IE: whether to play hand x in the small blind vs a button raise).

I played quite a bit with Phil Ivey and John Hennigan throughout the tournament. When I play big bet with these two guys, they’ve generally been very quiet. This week, there was a lot of joking around. Both have had great results lately, which helps, but it also seemed like they were very much in their element.

I have to say, getting to bullshit with Ivey, who was in rare very jovial form, was very cool. He was also busting my balls a bit about lack of experience, which I’d never seen him do before.

The tournament was a blast. And there was something pretty hilarious about getting some of the basic fundamentals of stud explained to me at 4AM while eating dinner before day 3 of the tournament, when my equity in the tournament was mid six figures. (Also while getting some coaching before the final table, when my coach, tactfully asked, who the hell bought half of you in this tournament :P)

Some of the good hands:

  1. I get moved to a tough table for the last hand of No Limit Holdem. I spill my ice coffee on the floor. Ike erupts in laughter and we start making jokes. At 4000/8000, 900,000 effective. I raise to 20,000 with POCKET ACES. Jesse martin flats CO with TT. Ike jams 170,000 with a suited ace. I flat call (I would call my whole range here which is roughly 66+, AJ suited?…). Jesse goes into the tank and jams (which I think is the best play). All of a sudden, I am a massive chipleader, playing against Ivey, Galfond, Angry John, and Deeb. Oh baby.

2) https://www.pokernews.com/tours/wsop/2018-wsop/event-33-50000-poker-players-championship/

I had 78 hearts, and Hennigan folded Qc 2. I’m not technically proficient enough to know how we both played it (but I have a hand I can comfortably fold to the turn checkraise, and unblock lots of river folds, and have no showdown value, so I would assume it’s fine? Either way, was a rush 🙂

Some of the bad hands

  1. https://www.pokernews.com/tours/wsop/2018-wsop/event-33-50000-poker-players-championship/chips.218529.htmThis is the hand where everything started to fall apart. John opened the button, and I flatted 762. I would 3bet if I had pairs to go with it, or my six was a wheel card (I’m not very confident in this). There’s also incentive to 3bet less for ICM reasons.I believe I drew 7642, and led out into two draw 3s. Grinder raised and John cold called. Here I put in the third bet. 1) I just think I am pushing equity 2) I want to shut John out of the pot. Grinder Caps and is pat. At this point I still think he can have any 8 and possibly a tad wider even.I catch 76542 and check raise. He 3bets. At this point I am worried, but I call down and pat and lose to the wheel. Massive pot.
  1. The Very next hand I joke about trying again and raise from the button.https://www.pokernews.com/tours/wsop/2018-wsop/event-33-50000-poker-players-championship/I had four to a seven, and had seen another seven already. I don’t know which combos I’m supposed to raise when he bets into me, but this felt like a natural one. I’m doing great against his d1s and if he breaks that’s a huge result. The thought crossed my mind to 4bet against a 3bet, but I felt i needed much better blockers.
    3) https://www.pokernews.com/tours/wsop/2018-wsop/event-33-50000-poker-players-championship/chips.218578.htmI thought this was a tough spot in o8, I had kt42. Internet tough guy Alan Bari made a point to tell me what a dummy I am, but all decision points felt close to me. It feels like John is usually high at this point, and grinder doesn’t HAVE to be going low. I’m getting a good price at this point. It felt like a tough spot to meCould have been an ICM play to fold at any of the earlier decision points, also, but I am not at all confident. To simplify strategies, I don’t play any flats in o8 in the small blind, and I’m not super confident what his range looks like. Would be interested in thoughts.

And then I had a few interesting short stacked plo spots at the end of the tournament.

  1. https://www.pokernews.com/tours/wsop/2018-wsop/event-33-50000-poker-players-championship/chips.218604.htmMy brain is fuzzy right now! I had Kd J; which I thought was an unfoldable hand. Physically, I thought he was strong, but with these blockers I decided I had to put in one bet postflop. Grinder is great at the live aspect of course and he totally could have gotten me to bite on a reverse tell.In retrospect I got this part wrong, the King of diamonds blocker is just not that big of a deal, and other blockers are more pertinent. Shoving also is probably a play to do sometimes. When I go against my gut for theoretical or blocker reasons, and it turns out I get the technical aspect wrong, I find that to be the most frustrating feeling in poker.2) https://www.pokernews.com/tours/wsop/2018-wsop/event-33-50000-poker-players-championship/chips.218613.htmI had TT96 with two spades. This was the last hand of PLO, with limit holdem next, where the big blind gets a lot larger. When grinder calls the small blind, I think he has lots of suited and connected hands that are not ahead of my button range.Now John in the big blind pots with what I presume to be an insanely strong range. I think I have an interesting decision. If I was heads up against one opponent and I am totally fine gambling. Against two people, I think it is a very clear fold and try to bink a payjump. With only 3x pot to play, stacks are just going in fairly often. And if stacks go in, it is probably in Grinder’s favor against an AA heavy range.It really comes down to how weak Grinder is flatting, but I decided if he had anything fairly connected or double suited, he would try to win the tournament right there. So I pitched it.


    The next hand we switch to limit holdem. I am very short stacked and call a raise in the big blind with T7 with a heart. The flop comes 985 two hearts, I raise allin and lose to AK. Definitely will be back in there next year, and I think I have found my new favorite WSOP event 🙂

50k Trip Report

Selling to $1,000,000 One Drop

Sup Y’all. Taking reservations for the WSOP $1,000,000 one drop ($920,000 goes to the prize pool, and $80,000 goes to the One Drop Charity. No rake is taken). It’s a way off but I want to make sure I can sell a chunk of the action before putting down the $50,000 non refundable deposit.

Two options: Selling at 1.05 markup if the money goes to myself, or 1.1 and the money generated from markup goes to any of the 11 charities from the December Drive/. If you are interested in buying 10% or more and want to choose a charity not on the list, I am happy to discuss that option. Minimum purchase is 1%.

To clarify: Option A: You buy 1% and the markup goes to me. 1% x 1,000,000 x 1.05 = $10,500 cost to you.
Option B: You buy 1% for $10,000 , and donate $1000 to charity, totaling $11,000.

I can receive bank transfer, cheque, or chips in Vegas only. Would start collecting from everyone a few weeks before the event. If I cash you will be required to sign appropriate tax forms. Everyone will get paid via bank wire so I don’t have to meet up with a bunch of people.

I’m planning on keeping 10-15% of myself depending on how gambling goes between now and then, and will be swapping ~2% with a few players on top of that.

Selling to $1,000,000 One Drop

Charity Drive Number 4… $4.5 Million Raised!!!

I wasn’t planning on doing a drive this year. Until November, I was losing on the year, so tax-wise it didn’t make sense to donate. In December, I got lucky and binked a big tournament at the Bellagio, but it was so late in the year, that I was planning to just take a year off and enjoy the holiday season. Then Tom and Martin then reached out to me about making such large donations that I felt I had no choice but to accept and run the drive. I don’t have enough good things to say about their generosity. On a personal level,  I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction out of running this drive, so I am happy that they inadvertently pushed me into doing something that I believe is very clearly in my best interest. I have a bit of a hard time with the holiday season, generally with at least one bout with holiday blues. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this season I didn’t even have one negative day.

The drive exceed my expectations, raising $4.5 (!!!) million dollars. Here is the  breakdown charity by charity of donations that will be matched.


GiveDirectly $588,310
The Good Food Institute $415,966
Machine Intelligence Research Institute $299,301
Against Malaria Foundation $275,786
EA Funds – Animal Welfare $250,527
Brooklyn Bail Fund $170,462
Schistosomiasis Control Initiative $143,313
EA Funds – Long-run Future $43,501
Massachusetts Bail Fund $33,004
Helen Keller International’s Vitamin A Supplementation Program $25,210
Just City $4,790


Of course plenty of this money would have been donated anyway, so it’s not entirely accurate to say the drive raised that much over the baseline. . But being very conservative saying that we led to an extra 10% in donations… that is still $450,000. I think plenty of people think the idea of donating publicly is strange, but I disagree. Thinking about real lives being saved by encourages others to donate compared to some thoughts people may have in their heads… it seems clear to me.

I believe I have an idea that could increase efficiency for other drives. If you did a matching challenge, but capped drive donations at $100, I think it would be possible to *close to double* your effect on the world. The work to run this operation wouldn’t all that difficult. You could probably find a charity who would track the donations for you. The idea of this going viral and getting thousands of people to donate $100 seems doable to me. The drive could be simplified to a smaller number of charities, and with notice you could ask the charities to track the donations themselves.

Lastly, I wanted to say that if a charity resonates with you, but it isn’t necessarily the most effective or highly rated charity, it’s still totally fine for you to support it alongside other more effective causes too. Humans are not fully rational, and playing to our emotions seems like a valuable tool and can make the giving process more enjoyable.

Happy 2018!
-Dan Smith

Charity Drive Number 4… $4.5 Million Raised!!!

2017 Charity Drive

Happy Holidays everyone. Up until very recently, Martin and Tom Crowley (DFS Superstars) and I were all having losing years gambling and it was not looking like we were able to put a drive together. But we caught some end of year run-good, and here we are! Here is a link to last year’s drive.

We will be matching up to $1,000,000 to the following 10 charities. What that means is, if you donate email a copy of the receipt to receiptsforcharity@gmail.com , we will donate the same amount. * Note: I will have someone managing the email account this year, if you need to reach me please include : Attention Dan: in the subject line.*

You can also donate directly through 2017charitydrive.com

If you are an American using paypal or a credit card, please donate to the charity directly email us the receipt to ensure you can write off the deduction.


Givewell’s Recommendations:

  1. Against Malaria Foundation: Mosquito nets are very cheap ($2), and very effective at reducing the spread of Malaria. 500,000 people per year die, and 400 million fall ill. Very cost effective way to make a difference. More information:  https://www.againstmalaria.com/
  2. Schistosomiasis Control Initiative:  Around 2 billion people in the world are infected with parasites and intestinal worms; around half of them children. This illness doesn’t exist in the first world because it is so cheap to fix;  for around $1.19, a child can be dewormed. More information: https://www.givewell.org/charities/Schistosomiasis-Control-Initiative
  3. Give Directly: My personal favorite charity. They give money to the extremely poor, and allow them to decide what to do with it. For 65 cents per day, you can support someone in Kenya. This has the added benefit of giving us some data to study on the effects of a Universal Basic Income. They also helped out Houston after the devastating hurricanes this year. Their website: https://www.givedirectly.org/ Donate: https://www.givedirectly.org/give-now
  4. Hellen Keller International’s Vitamin A Supplementation Program:

    For 75 cents, they can deliver a Vitamin A supplement which reduces likelihood of blindness and death. More information: https://www.givewell.org/charities/helen-keller-international

Artificial Intelligence Charities:

  1. Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI): Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Stephen Hawking have all spoke out about the risks of artificial intelligence.  Waitbutwhy piece did a great, but super long piece explaining how this could become an issue: http://waitbutwhy.com/2015/01/artificial-intelligence-revolution-1.html

Their site: https://intelligence.org/research/

Donate: https://intelligence.org/donate/

Animal Charities:

  1. The Good Food Institute: In their own words “We work with scientists, investors, and entrepreneurs to make groundbreaking good food a reality. We focus on clean meat and plant-based alternatives to animal products- foods that are more delicious, safer to eat, and better for the planet than their animal counterparts. Their website: http://www.gfi.org/ Donate: https://www.gfi.org/donate
  2. The Animal Welfare Fund: This fund will support organizations that work on improving the wellbeing of nonhuman animals, especially farmed animals. Their website. They are supported by the Open Philanthropy Project (which arose out of Givewell).

Bail Funds:

The basic idea is that there are a lot of people held on bail in misdemeanor cases where if they were out they could fight the case, but to get out of jail they take pleas and get criminal records. This can have all sort of collateral consequences on jobs, school, housing, etc and thus contributes to the widening socioeconomic gap in the U.S.

A fund that posts these people’s bail would have very slow attrition. According to The Bronx Freedom Fund, 97% of clients attend all scheduled court dates.  This would save lot of people from criminal records and jail time. The Massachusetts Bail Fund only posts bail that is $500 or less.  No one should have to sit in jail because they don’t have $200.

There was a great blog post by Slate Star Codex discussing the merits of Bail Funds including some cost effectiveness estimates.

  1. Massachusetts Bail Fund: Their site: https://www.massbailfund.org/ Donate: https://www.massbailfund.org/donate.html

  2. Brooklyn Bail Fund: https://brooklynbailfund.org/

  3. Just City (based out of Memphis): https://justcity.org/

Why Donate?

Aside from whether you believe humans are morally obligated to help others, even if you are concerned about your own self interests, there are strong reasons to donate. Studies show that donating to charity can increase happiness. On a personal level, I view the 2016 drive as hands down my greatest accomplishment.

Of course there is also the tax benefit. If you donate $100 and are in a 27% tax bracket, it only costs you effectively $73. $73 out of pocket leading to $200 in the hands of a great charity is a pretty hot deal if you ask me!


Yes, we can sort out accepting crypto for donations, please email us to address specifics. I know a lot of people with incredibly large percentages of their networth in various cryptocurrencies. The logic is generally “Well even if this were to go to zero, I still have a pretty sweet life.” I think along the same lines, you can make the argument that you are a prime candidate to consider donating some money to charity.


Everything we do will be in good faith for charity, and we are allowing ourselves some mild creative liberties (ie balancing out money between various bail funds if one gets much more than others).

Please do not email us other causes as this only creates extra work for us. There are lots of great options out there, and unfortunately we do not have time to go through them  all.

The drive will go through December 31st, ending at 12:00 Pacific Time.

Thanks for reading and your consideration,

-Dan Smith

2017 Charity Drive

Tokyo recs

Hi, I have been getting asked a lot for recommendations on where to go in Tokyo so decided to write a quick post.


1) Sushi Yoshitake was hands down the best meal of my life. It is pricey (~200 per head before drinks) but I cannot say enough good things about it. Was a long, 3 hour meal., and everything was perfect. My comparison  for most of the pieces was “is this the best tuna/uni/etc” I have ever had? You need a reservation at least a month in advance and probably longer (Thanks Steph, XOXO)

2) Sushi Kuwano: 2 michellin stars, everything was great. I really liked how unusual some of the pieces were. If I’m eating sushi in Tokyo I want to eat some stuff I’ve never seen before and they were the most different.

Other bomb spots off the top of my head  in no order: Kube, kanasecka, sushi shin, taku, Umi


Tsukiji fish market is totally worth seeing too. If you are prepared to get up and wait at 3am for Sushi Dai, it’s supposed to be some truly elite sushi for a much more affordable price ( maybe ~$30/head? ).  If you are not prepared to wait , just stumbling into any random spot I am sure you won’t be disappointed.



1) Kagari was clear number one. They had three kinds of ramen, and they were the 1-3 kinds of ramen I have ever had. The chicken was actually my favorite.


Otherwise there are a bunch of great spots. Ramen Street at Tokyo train station is convenient especially if you are on the go.

Interesting option: at Kikanbo you get to choose your spice level and Szechuan spice level. This was pretty entertaining when my friend decided to go double maximum spicy.


I really wanted to try saikoro because I love mackeral, but never made the hike since it was 30 minutes out of the way. I hear it’s incredible.



Other Food:

Butagami was hands down the best tonkatsu I have ever had. And just trying to eat as much Japanese beef as possible  is probably a good idea, it’s like 10% of the price as it is in the US. Even the stuff  in supermarkets for $10/package looked insane.

A 1-2 day  trip to Hakone for a stay at the Onsen is very much recommended. I believe these three are probably all expensive, but I never had to research prices since O’Dwyer won that EPT ( heyyyyyyo) , but Kinnotake, Hakone Ginyu (best facility),or Gorakadan (best food and service)

Also in Hakone you can do the very cool Open Air Museum, and get to see Mt. Fuji. The Open Air Museum had an amount of Picasso.


mount fuji.




Where to stay?

I just look at Chase Sapphire points and they have always had a hotel on mega sale. Book early so the concierge can start making reservations for you. I think if you have the Chase Sapphire Reserve on travel/hotels/etc you get an extra 50%. I have gotten some v good deals here on 4-5 star hotels without very much effort.


https://doctorstretch.com/en/ was an insanely good 1 hour stretch. Trust me on this.

Shopping:  Harajuku street is really famous and cool. Isetan was a surprisingly wonderful department store. They have a high end grocery store in the basement. Pillow shopping here was insane, they measure your neck, you choose what it is made out of (I got charcoal which is supposed to be good for allergies), firmness, etc etc. Also my sources tell me you can get a really hot deal on cashmere sweaters here.


Tokyo recs

You Call Your Representatives, I Donate Money

Edit: Closed this on Feb 11th, only got a total of 10 emails. Ended up donating $500 to Planned Parenthood.


Recently, I wrote about the merits of donating at the end of the tax year. Now I am contradicting myself by donating $25,000 to the ACLU one month into the year. If I fail to have a profitable year gambling,  (not that unlikely as someone who plays poker tournaments for a living)I will be unable to write it off. Here’s why I am donating anyway:

I am pretty shocked at what is happening right now. I didn’t expect Trump to get his shit together so quickly. I didn’t expect him to face so little resistance. I didn’t expect him to be so blatantly xenophobic. I was shocked to see Giuliani publicly say Trump asked him how to make the Muslim ban legal.

The future scares me. Facebook, Google, Amazon, know a lot about their customers. If down the road the government were to subpoena them, some scary Science Fiction-esque possibilities come to mind… I don’t consider myself a conspiracy theorist. But I keep having thoughts in the back of my mind that those who are publicly anti-Trump in the future could end up on some shit-list where they have even less rights than everyone else. If that’s even a thought I am having one week into his presidency… this is a scary time.

I want to do something. There are already a lot of matching drives out there.

Here are some of them:

  1. Andrew Barber on twitter matching donations up to $25,000 for the ACLU.
  2. Boztank on twitter did a $25,000 drive that filled up in about 1 hour. He  tweeted that he will be posting more drives shortly.

If you’re aware of other matching drives, please tweet me @ DanSmithHolla and I will add them to this post.

I don’t want to take away from them, they are doing great work, but I am going to try a different approach. This is a very expensive and arduous fight, and coming at it from many angles will be effective.

I read on twitter and LifeHacker that one of the most effective things someone can do is call their representatives in Congress. I want to combine this proactive approach with a charity drive to encourage people to make those calls.

I am donating $25,000 to be released up to $5 at a time. Rather than matching charitable donations, I am matching calls to your representatives. You make 5 phone calls to your senators and/or congressperson where you express your thoughts about what is currently happening with immigration or other major issues. Email a screenshot of your phone logs and the state you are calling for to ACLUcharitydrive2017 at gmail dot com and I will donate $5 to the ACLU. I will be matching $1 per call, up to $5 per person.

Here are my logs for the morning. If you didn’t feel like being extra chatty, I think each call would take about 1 minute. o0bfxx

Based on the honor system, if you are someone who already calls your representatives, I would appreciate if you would make an extra 5 phone calls.

5calls makes this very easy. You enter your zip code, click from the list of issues you want to discuss, they give you the number and a sample script as to what to say. This is another blog post hyping 5calls.

Here is one sample script.

Hi, my name is [Name] and I’m a constituent from [City, State, Zip].

I’m calling to tell [Senator/Rep’s Name] that our community does not support Trump’s Muslim ban, and we expect [him/her] to take an immediate stand against this unjust executive order.

[Optional: add anything else you’d like here]

Thank you for your time.

[IF LEAVING A VOICEMAIL: please leave your entire home address to ensure your call is tallied]


I believe that doing *anything* will make you feel better about the situation. I’ve received a lot of thanks for the most recent drive. And while it is very much appreciated, I would appreciate participating in these 5 calls even more.

This drive will be go on until February 28, limit $5 per person.

Thanks your for consideration,


Edited to add: I am giving myself the right to make modifications to this as I see fit, everything will be in good faith.

You Call Your Representatives, I Donate Money

Drive Complete, Final Tally over $1.7 Million!!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!

The drive is officially over, and the response was overwhelming, with 134 different people donating. The results were already great, and I was even more blown away when Martin’s brother Tom (known as ChipotleAddict in the DFS world) decided to unleash a huge surprise by donating $500,000 himself once we hit a million. Tom also made a very large donation last year, and shared these thoughts.

The limited details I know of their story are amazing: two guys who plan on making a huge difference in the world by doing the thing they are the best at: fantasy sports. I can’t say enough great things about these two guys who really epitomize the effective altruism movement.


Here are the results of the drive.

350.org $8,556
Against Malaria Fund $287,535
Give Directly $115,173
Just City $9,750
Liberation Prison Yoga $12,868
Lineage Project $4,000
MAPS $31,100
Zendo 0
Massachusetts Bail Fund $10,325
SCI $13,131
GiveWell Unspecified $7,670
Subtotal $500,408
Dan’s  Match $175,000
Martin’s Match + Extra $525,000
Tom’s Donation $500,000
 Total  $1,700,818

I would like to point out some of the changes that will be possible thanks to these gifts.

  1. SCI: Around 2 billion people in the world are infected with parasites and intestinal worms; around half of them children. This illness doesn’t exist in the first world because it is so cheap to fix;  for around $1.19, a child can be dewormed. Tens of thousands children will be dewormed thanks to this initiative.
  2.  Against Malaria – Malaria is also very cheap to prevent. Malaria is primarily transmitted via mosquito bites. Mosquito nets are remarkably effective at preventing mosquito bites and cost only $2.50 each. 500,000 people per year die each year due to malaria and it is almost entirely preventable. There are conflicting stats on the cost to literally save a life, but $3400 on the end means thousands of lives will be saved. This doesn’t consider the serious burden on the economy that is caused by illness. According to this Harvard study, every $1m spent on Malaria treatment is $12m in economic relief.

3. Give Directly: In Kenya, there are people who are living off of 65 cents per day. Give Directly wants to experiment with the idea of a universal basic income and see how it works out.


The idea of a universal basic income really interests me. Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, but I fear it will actually go on to even further widen the gap between the rich and poor. An off-the-cuff example is that the most common job in America is truck driver. Self driving cars could put those people out of jobs in the nearish future. Without getting too much into politics, I believe a universal basic income could be effective here, and getting more data would be huge. For $1 per day we are supporting someone in Kenya and this  ground breaking study!

My friend shared a story with me that I wanted to post here.

“The ‘headboy’ at the school I was teaching at was this really nice kid. One day he collapsed and had what looked like a seizure. The other kids and teachers stood around him waving books to try and cool him down. One of the teachers contacted his mom and said he needed to go to the hospital, but his mom refused because she was scared they would charge her money. We later learned that he’d collapsed due to starvation…his family could only afford a little food, so he let his mom and little brother eat while he went hungry.”

People are living off of of less than what I generally tip a waitress for bringing me a water. I can’t even fathom that.

4. Just City: In the last  6 months, Just City has bailed out more than 35 people. In their own words, here are some of their plans.

“All of our work is focused on making our criminal justice system smaller, fairer, and more humane. Every dollar we’ve raised so far allows us to pursue not only much-needed reforms to the money bail system, but also reforming Tennessee’s expungement laws, driver license, and sentencing policies, improving humane conditions in our jails, and working on many, many other criminal justice issues that destroy families and communities.”

5. Massachussets Bail Fund:

In the three year since they’ve been open, 396/401 clients have shown up for court. Half of these cases have been closed, and half of those have been entirely dismissed. They could have been held in jail indefinitely and likely would have needed to plead guilty to get out of jail. Some of these bails cost as little as $25!!!

This summer, they had to shut down for three months due to a lack of funding. I am very confident this money is going a long way.

6. MAPS: I plan on having a phone call with someone at MAPS this week to discuss where the funding will be going, but I plan on following their lead. I am expecting it to go to a combination of research with regards to MDMA treatment for PTSD and for Zendo funding.

MAPS hopes to have MDMA become an FDA approved prescription medicine by 2021. I think when  used intelligently, this kind of experience can have a great impact.

7. Liberation Prison Yoga: “This donation and matching funds will affect the lives of 300 incarcerated men, women and youth through 10 two month Liberation Prison Yoga programs with group discussion, opening meditation, physical yoga, guided relaxation and mindfulness tools taught in a kind, non-invasive manner.  Students often tell us their life has changed after just one class. Two months of yoga provides a complete path to physical and mental health, and tools to create inner peace amid chaos inside prison and in the world.”

Many people involved in these programs have drug problems or issues with mental health I couldn’t imagine how difficult dealing with that must be from the inside of a prison cell.

Quick plug: if your New Year’s Resolution was to start meditating and you don’t know where to start, download HeadSpace right now where there is a week long free trial! Meditation can literally change your brain in 8 weeks

8. 350.org:I can’t believe this is something I even have to write, but 350.org is fighting hard to try to keep climate deniers out of Trump’s Cabinet. Obviously this is a huge and very expensive battle. I am stealing this blurb about who Donald Trump has picked from an email I received this morning.


  • ExxonMobil’s CEO Rex Tillerson, a top funder of climate denial and attacks on climate action, for Secretary of State.
  • Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt for EPA head, even though he spent most of his time in office filing (and losing) lawsuits against the EPA. He even let an oil company write some of his official correspondence.
  • Former Texas Governor Rick Perry for Department of Energy. Perry is on the board of the company building the Dakota Access Pipeline, and said he wanted to eliminate the agency altogether.
  • Rep. Ryan Zinke for Department of Interior. Zinke has been fighting to dig up as much coal, oil and gas from public lands as possible.

None of these men are qualified. They are all implicated in Big Oil’s web of corruption. Their denial of climate change makes them a direct threat to the health and safety of people across the country and planet.


There is a social stigma about donating publicly, but I don’t really understand why. I think people tend to romanticize the idea of sacrifice, when it makes more sense to focus on results. If you convince someone else to donate to a cause you believe in, that can make a very real difference. That seems much more relevant to me.

Logically, it seems clear to me that being public about donating encourages others to donate. I haven’t found any data that backs me up, but this article suggests the same point.

If anyone would be copying this format, I would be happy to give you advice via receiptsforcharity@gmail.com . Each year I hired someone to go through all the emails and update all the spreadsheets which saved me a huge amount of time for a negligible cost. If someone were interested but didn’t want to commit the time to running a drive, I would consider running it for the right project.

Some final thoughts on Charity Projects 

  1. Don’t use GoFundMe. They take out 8%, and even worse they are not eligible to a tax write-off.  If you are donating $500 to go fund me, $463 goes to a cause. If you get a 27% tax write off, you can donate $635 and have the same effect. This is almost a 40% difference. I am not very informed on the topic and am not vouching for the site, but I believe YouCaring is strictly better. Fees are much lower, and some youcaring organizations are tax deductible (but make sure to always talk to a tax professional).
  2. If you are running a charity’s website and are 501c3, please make that very visible on the site! Similarly, if you have any sort of matching challenging running on your website, I think it should be made very clear on each part of the website.


Thanks for all the support guys ❤


Drive Complete, Final Tally over $1.7 Million!!!!