By far, the most common question I’ve been asked is “What is your motivation for doing this charity project?” Let’s go back a few months, to the Super High Roller Bowl in Las Vegas. For those who weren’t following; I was in a commanding position with two tables left in the tournament. I was the chip-leader […]


Last year, I had hands down the best week of my life at my first Burning Man. Hype can be a dangerous thing, where was I supposed to go? I just re-read what I wrote about it, and there are a few things I felt like should clarify. I never really touched on how difficult the conditions […]


EDIT: The original drive has been filled. Thanks to a super generous donation by Martin Crowley, a modified drive towards Against Malaria Foundation Give Directly Schistosomiasis Control Initiative (SCI) PLEASE SEE MORE RECENT POSTS FOR DETAILS.    Last year, Dan Colman and I organized a very successful charity drive, so I wanted to do it again, this […]


Happy New Year everyone. Thanks for all your support. Here are the final tallies. Against Malaria: 30,108 MIRI: 32,320 Massachusetts Bail Fund: 3000 Deworm the World: 7980 Total: $70,408 After the drive ended, another $4000 has been pledged towards , and $17,452 came in for Against Malaria on the day after the drive, which REG […]


Wanted to clarify the charity drive is over. I will do a proper write up when less hungover, but we cleared the goal by a sizeable margin. Happy New Year. There is a great tripling challenge going on here for those interested. Even if you don’t believe in the idea of a meta charity, every dollar donated […]


EDIT: CHARITY DRIVE OVER.  WE MORE THAN REACHED OUR GOALS, THANKS FOR PARTICIPATING.   Mid December charity update. We are more than halfway to the goal with 38781 donated. An additional 5320 for MIRI has been matched by Double your Donation Against Malaria 5401 Evidence Action 650 MIRI 32,330 Massachusetts Bail Fund 400 I wanted […]


Edit: We have maxed out our donations for MIRI. Details here   Dan Colman and I have decided to do a charity drive until the end of the year. We are matching all donations, up to a total of $70,000, to any of the charities below. Pick a charity, and email your receipt to If you […]


I just watched Jon Oliver’s Last Week Tonight on DFS. While I think he is technically right about the fact that these sites have to prance around “is it gambling or skill” I think he is missing the bigger story about the UIGEA.   Using the definition “to lay a bet on something,” of course DFS […]


I went into the desert bringing some grand existential questions, and the playa provided more than I could ever have imagined. I am going to attempt to explain my Burning Man experience, but first I want to backtrack a few years and discuss how I found myself heading into the desert trying to find meaning. […]

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