Sup Y’all. Taking reservations for the WSOP $1,000,000 one drop ($920,000 goes to the prize pool, and $80,000 goes to the One Drop Charity. No rake is taken). It’s a way off but I want to make sure I can sell a chunk of the action before putting down the $50,000 non refundable deposit.

Two options: Selling at 1.05 markup if the money goes to myself, or 1.1 and the money generated from markup goes to any of the 11 charities from the December Drive/. If you are interested in buying 10% or more and want to choose a charity not on the list, I am happy to discuss that option. Minimum purchase is 1%.

To clarify: Option A: You buy 1% and the markup goes to me. 1% x 1,000,000 x 1.05 = $10,500 cost to you.
Option B: You buy 1% for $10,000 , and donate $1000 to charity, totaling $11,000.

I can receive bank transfer, cheque, or chips in Vegas only. Would start collecting from everyone a few weeks before the event. If I cash you will be required to sign appropriate tax forms. Everyone will get paid via bank wire so I don’t have to meet up with a bunch of people.

I’m planning on keeping 10-15% of myself depending on how gambling goes between now and then, and will be swapping ~2% with a few players on top of that.

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